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AgriPest: Yorkshire’s Leading Specialist in Domestic and Rural Pest Control

I think I may have a pest problem?

Having any form of pest issue can be very unsettling. Don’t worry though you’re not alone and there is a solution. Pests in or around properties are more common than you may think, often people have pest issues without realising it.

How to pick a Pest Controller?

Like with any Trades Person it is important to do your homework. Check customer reviews and make sure you call more than one pest control service. You will often find the right service for you by having a chat over the phone. AgriPest Management understand that having a Trades Person in the house can feel unsettling. We have both male and female technicians who understand the importance of discretion, trust and reliability.

AgriPest Management Have Been Awarded the Following:

🎖Best Family-Run Pest Management Company – Yorkshire

🎖Agricultural Pest Control Specialists of the Year 2019 –
Northern England

We also supply our services to some of Yorkshire’s largest estate agents and have done for over 5 years.

AgriPest Management are not only award winners but 5 star rated by our customers on both Google and Yell.

We pride ourselves on been Yorkshire’s best, local, friendly, knowledgeable, and most effective pest controllers.

Help! I have Rats or Mice!

That’s no problem, on receiving your call AgriPest Management will discuss what and where you think you have the problem. We will then offer a free inspection. This will allow us to locate where, when and how rats or mice are accessing your garden, home or business.

What’s next?

Once instructed AgriPest Management will discuss the most effective form of control. This is normally conducted in what we call a three-treatment job. This process being three treatments conducted over a three-week period.

How do I know they are gone?

AgriPest Management deal with rats and mice on a daily basis, once we are confident the treatment has been successful and your rodent free we can look at preventing it from happening again. AgriPest Management have all the relevant tools and materials to seal holes, protect drains and proof air bricks.
By now your property is pest free and future proof all from as little as £65 so if you hear scratching in the loft or hear a bump in the night call AgriPest Management today.

I have wasps, flies or insects!

Don’t worry, you are not alone, these are often seasonal pests. Give us a call to discuss your problem.

I think I may have a wasp’s nest?

Wasps will often be found in and around building congregating around the entrance of the nest which will often be located in lofts, wall voids, beams, airbricks, hedges, garden lawns etc. As you will be aware wasps have a nasty sting in their tail! If they feel the nest is under threat by a passer by, dogs in the garden or, any other activity they may well come and sting you.

I have a wasp nest!

Wasps are a common problem over the summer months and will intensify as the summer progresses, so it is a good idea to get them treated sooner rather than later to minimise the risk of been stung.

Should I treat the nest myself?

There are several products on the amateur use market that will kill the nest off however please be aware that if disturbed the wasps will attack! This runs the risk of been stung and the potential of anaphylactic shock!

Should I pay to get a wasp nest treated?

Unless you have the correct safety equipment, I would never suggest treating the nest yourself! AgriPest Management offer same day wasp nest treatment from £50. For this you will receive a trained professional who will obtain all the correct access, safety equipment, and treatments to deal with the nest.

AgriPest Management also offer a guarantee with treated wasp nests. If the treated nest is not destroyed in the first treatment we will return and provide a second treatment at no additional cost to you!

AgriPest Management offer agricultural pest control throughout Yorkshire. We specifically cover the following cities, towns & villages:

Knaresborough | Harrogate | Clifford | York | Ripon | Boroughbridge | Wetherby | Tadcaster | Collingham | Cattal | Harewood | Boston Spa | Spofforth | Follifoot | Bramham | Alwoodley | Kirk Hammerton | Kirk Deighton | Pannel | Bardsey | Great Ouseburn | Easingwold | Thirsk

And Internationally:

Scotland | Wales | Northern Ireland | Ireland | Europe | The United States of America | Canada | The Middle East | Asia | Australia | New Zealand.

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  • Wasps & Bees
  • No obligation quotes
  • One off treatments
  • Three treatment jobs
  • Rodent infestation elimination
  • Trap making and installation
  • Training, this can be carried out on site or at our base
  • Sales of traps, trapping boxes and other materials
  • Building repairs and proofing
  • On site audits, this allows you to ensure the farm, mill or estate is ready for any external inspections or audits
  • Building maintenance
  • Domestic / Household
  • Farms
  • Estates
  • Country Houses
  • Equestrian
  • Commercial & Business
  • Estate Agents & Landlords
  • Local Authority
  • Education


We currently handle pest management systems for some of Yorkshire’s largest estates and farms. We have gained their trust through reliability and excellent quality of service. We also deal with many residential properties ensuring their occupants can sleep easy and pest free!


AgriPest is proud to be associated with the following organisations and adhere to their codes of practice:

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