Education Services Pest Control in Yorkshire

We provide schools and educational establishments across Yorkshire with an outstanding pest control and management service.

The AgriPest team take extreme pride in the work we undertake and also in providing excellent customer care. Carrying out pest control in sensitive areas will require a specialist.

Pupil, resident and staff safety is a top priority of any pest management control plan

Different techniques and pesticides should be considered when setting up a treatment within a school, college or university. After the initial set up AgriPest provide a full debrief of the work and control measures installed. We also supply a full control management folder, which contains all the relevant health & safety info, plans, safety data sheets, reports, risk assessments, catch analysis and qualifications.

Once the treatment is set up, our team will monitor its progress on a regular basis until completion

We also supply full aftercare packages. This may involve regular inspections, surveys, or building proofing.

If pests are accessing buildings it may require proofing to prevent re infestation. AgriPest have the skills, experience and specialist equipment to carry this out. It is extremely important that the correct materials are used when proofing buildings.

Rodents and most pests require safety and security to live and breed. It is often the case that rodent infestations will begin outside using grass banks, ponds, rivers, sheds, rubble, bins etc for cover. AgriPest have the equipment, insurance and licences to cut, strim, fell and maintain outer boundaries. This will deter the rodents from living and breeding outside your property.

Pest Control for Schools, Colleges, Universities in Yorkshire