Pest control for farms in Yorkshire

AgriPest’s founder Nick Palmer was raised on a working arable and dairy farm. From a young age he developed an interest in pest control and gained an understanding of the implications pests can have on the farming environment. These implications put farms and livestock at risk by potentially spreading disease, causing widespread damage to crops and supplies, as well as resulting in large financial losses.

He soon realised there were very few specialist agricultural pest controllers out there and those that do operate seem to have very little understanding of the issues that are specific to the agricultural environment. Many of these pest controllers also struggle to deal with large scale issues.

AgriPest was formed to meet the demand for a specialist agricultural pest controller in the Yorkshire region. Our dedicated team offers working farms a high standard of service based on years of experience and a real understanding of the agricultural industry.

AgriPest deals with pest infestations on a daily basis. We understand that these issues may not always be an immediate consideration when it comes to dealing with the day to day running of a farm. However, if pest issues are ignored it can prove costly with potential damage to machinery or loss of stored crops.

Legislation for the safe use of insecticides and rodenticides is subject to frequent change. Calling in an experienced and professional team will ensure your infestations are dealt with swiftly, as well as meeting all of the current guidelines.


Rabbit control is another big problem. We use several methods of eradication of which trapping, gassing and shooting are the best. We are fully certified in the use of firearms, safe handlers of aluminium phosphide gas and have all the equipment, vehicles and skills to carry out any size of job.

Agricultural pests have a devastating effect on farmer’s pockets. Rats will eat up to a kilo of food a week, multiply that by the amount of possible rats and that equals a lot of stored product being consumed. The farmer will only ever see a small proportion of the rats that are present, normally around 10%. This is why farmers are often shocked when we reveal the scale of the infestation.


Once the problem is resolved we support the farm to help reduce the risk of reinfestation. Farms by their very nature are often difficult to maintain and provide ideal breeding conditions for rodents. We supply our farming clients with a comprehensive service. This includes full briefing and debriefing, all the relevant paperwork, as well as ongoing management techniques to help ensure the problem remains under control.

Each farm is different and should be treated as such. Likewise, it requires a pest controller that understands the methods required to eliminate the problem. Not all pest controllers are the same, each will specialise in a specific sector of the industry but some claim to cover all aspects.

Pest control for farms in Yorkshire