Conservation & Environmental Management we practice at AgriPest

Although at AgriPest we are specially trained and qualified in pest related issues, we also understand the strong link between the industry and conservation.

Our dedicated team is qualified in all aspects of wildlife and animal management. We carry out relevant wildlife surveys and population counts as we aware there is a fine line between a neglected and prosperous habitat. We know that developing this understanding will help to create a more sustainable future for our local wildlife populations.

Giving Wildlife a Helping Hand

All the team at AgriPest Management understand and appreciate the close link between conservation and pest control.

Although pest control traditionally has been considered a “dirty industry”, AgriPest are determined to lead the way in showing the benefits our industry can have to both Flora and Fauna.

Within the last 5 years AgriPest have become increasingly involved with charitable organisations and conservation projects. We understand the benefit to both wildlife and people that a thriving ecosystem offers and our experience and practical knowledge to create such a haven has gained much acclaim.

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Conservation & Environmental Management

AgriPest’s Environmental Projects

martins house hospice

AgriPest have been great supporters of Martin House children’s hospice for many years now. Every year within the grounds of the hospice, AgriPest and Lindley & Simpson join forces to create wonderful garden spaces for young children with life limiting conditions, from Jungle themed habitats to wildflower & butterfly gardens.
AgriPest design, supply and create these beautiful spaces, which is only made possible by the donations made by our customers and the free labour AgriPest supply to complete the project.

linley and simpson

AgriPest have been carrying out pest control treatments for Linley & Simpson for over 8 years now in both their sales and letting properties. Over the years we have built a close bond and mutual passion for supporting both charities and conservation projects.

Linley & Simpson’s passion to support such projects is clear to see and it is a real honour for AgriPest to work alongside such an enthusiastic company.

Redundant Spaces

Pest control will naturally take us to some interesting environments that are often overgrown, rodent-infested areas that have been left untouched for years. Recently AgriPest have advised and implemented change by removing these rat-infested environments and replacing with stunning wildflower areas. This is of huge benefit to many struggling species such as butterflies, bees and native insects as well as providing a visually stunning and low maintenance display. The utilisation of these wasted spaces undoubtedly illustrates a corporate responsibility and it can have a huge benefit to both your business and the environment. Contact AgriPest if you would like to discuss a habitat management project.

experts in conservation

AgriPest – Experts in conservation

All the team at AgriPest have either studied environmental management, animal management or conservation. This provides us with a huge wealth of knowledge within the industry, but unfortunately there are not enough environmental and conservation projects been undertaken within the UK. However, AgriPest are determined to do our bit.

All the equipment, materials, seeds and plants are sourced locally as over the years we have built strong connections with suppliers who are as equally passionate to make a change.

Let AgriPest help you to make a change

If it is not on the news or the radio you will be discussing it with friends or family. We all need to do our bit to create a sustainable environment for future generations.

Doing your bit for the environment has never been easier and with the support of AgriPest we can help to make beautiful, green parcels of land throughout Yorkshire.

So please get involved and help us to help the environment.

bee conservation
bird box conservation
environmental conservation
pest control conservation

AgriPest Building a Future in Environmental Management

Although we are not joiners, we are more than prepared to roll our sleeves up and get building.
Over the last few years AgriPest have built many:

  • Bird boxes

  • Owl boxes

  • Bat boxes

  • Insect hotels

  • Bird feeders

  • Hedgehog hotels

Our aim is to provide each one of our customers with one of the above boxes to install within their garden, business or home environment at no extra cost.

Where would benefit from such a change?

  • Grass verges

  • Commercial waste land

  • Paddocks

  • Wetlands

  • Forestry

  • Commercial free spaces

  • Domestic gardens

  • Agricultural land

  • Window boxes

  • Grassed lawns/spaces

  • Old sheds/building locations

Anywhere could potentially be converted into a wildlife haven with the correct foresight and experience.

What/who would benefit from the changes?

  • Bees

  • Butterflies

  • Insects

  • Birds

  • Hedgehogs

  • Voles

  • Shrews

  • Your ability to show corporate responsibility

  • Show off to neighbours

  • Your personal gratification

  • Your wallet as these areas are cheap/free to maintain

  • Wildlife in general as these green areas have proven to be beneficial to wildlife