About AgriPest – Pest and environmental management specialists

The award winning AgriPest team have over 70 years combined experience in all aspects of pest and environmental management.
The team have built a reputation as the go to pest control service for domestic, commercial and agricultural pest control treatments.
Although predominantly based in Yorkshire, AgriPest travel throughout the UK dealing with many different pest related issues.
AgriPest Management is a small, family run business that has an incredibly tight-knit team working together to solve our customer’s pest issues.


Our small team of specialist staff are qualified and trained to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our vehicles are unmarked and the work we carry out is always discrete and confidential.


We have several methods of controlling specific pests, whether it be pesticides, traps, shooting or live catch. This allows us to provide you with the latest and most effective forms of pest control. We are fully insured and regularly update our training. We conform to all current legislation and maintain a high standard of working practice. We provide a proactive approach to pest prevention and control for larger farms and mills, ensuring conformance with audits.

AgriPest pest control specialists
  • We supply our services to some of Yorkshire’s largest estate agents and have done for over 5 years.

  • AgriPest Management are not only award winners but 5 star rated by our customers on both Google and Yell.

  • We pride ourselves on been Yorkshire’s best, local, friendly, knowledgeable, and most effective pest controllers.

Meet Our Pest Control Management Team

NickNick Palmer – Company Director

Since a very young age the countryside has always interested me. At the age of 10 I would spend my weekends camping and studying the wildlife around my grandfather’s dairy farm. Up until the age of 15 my ambition was to become an agricultural vet – this coincided with the foot and mouth outbreak (2001) that claimed the lives of over 10 million livestock, leaving numerous farmers struggling to deal with such a loss. Many tragically taking their own lives due to devastating effects of the outbreak.

These events resulted in the mass eradication of specific pest species as they were proven to carry the disease. This is where my interest in pest control began, not gaining pleasure through killing pests but gaining an understanding of the effects that pests have on the various environments that humans have created.

I studied Wildlife & Countryside Management at Bishop Burton agricultural college for three years, where I gained further experience on land management and all that comes with it. Once leaving college I travelled the UK working on various farms and carrying out a variety of agricultural projects to further my knowledge. Once the travelling was over, I worked as a specialist pest technician at one of the leading pest control companies in the UK and it is here where I honed my pest control skills.

In 2012 I set out on my original goal of running my own specialist agricultural, domestic and commercial pest control company. With the practical experience accrued on the various farms and the professional training gained working as a specialist technician, I was armed with the knowledge to provide a premium service to farms, estates, commercial enterprises and domestic customers.

Pest and vermin control techniques vary depending on their locations. Rats, mice, squirrels and birds in urban locations will feed and behave differently to their rural relations and this is why a specialist rural pest controller is required to deal with rural and agricultural issues. This in turn can save you money and the relief of knowing your pest control related problem is dealt with swiftly by someone who understands:

SamSam Raine – Pest technician

Sam joined us at the start of 2019 and has quickly found himself a pivotal part of the team.

Sam studied agriculture and animal husbandry at Askham Bryan for 5 years, although still young (23) Sam has a very mature head on his shoulders.

Sam was employed by AgriPest due to his specialist knowledge of shooting, trapping and the more traditional pest control techniques. With inhouse training and obtaining professional qualifications, Sam has embraced and excelled in all aspects of pest management.

Not only has Sam excelled in pest management but has become a huge hit with the customers! Sam is incredibly polite, honest, trustworthy and a delight to work with and I have no doubt he will carry on being a brilliant pest controller!

JessJess Palmer – Company secretary, Wife and brilliant mum!

Jess is a fully qualified pest controller and has been the linchpin of AgriPest since the day it started. Jess has spent countless hours listening and supporting me during the early days of us setting up AgriPest.

Jess also studied Animal Management at Askham Bryan for three years, as well as working for the NHS. She has helped me set up the business, completed many pest control jobs herself and recently became the company secretary.

Being a pest controller’s wife means many early mornings, late nights and being incredibly understanding and always been prepared to muck in. Jess has strived at all these things while been a brilliant mum.

MickMick Moffatt  – Company Director of Kestrel Pest Management

Mick and I have been incredibly good friends for 10 years now and both worked at the same Leeds based pest control company.

Mick set up Kestrel Pest Management at the same time I set up AgriPest Management and we have worked very closely ever since.

Mick has over 30 years’ experience within the pest control industry and has built an excellent reputation in South Yorkshire as the go to pest controller.

Mick will often help the AgriPest team on our larger projects throughout the UK, his ability to deal with all pest related issues makes him an extremely valued member of the team.

Mick and I speak daily discussing techniques, regulations, advise and new products available to us as pest controllers. This ensures that our product and regulatory knowledge is always the best it can be.

What makes a Pest controller?

Pest controllers are not just “pest controllers” but detectives, scientists, builders, carpenters, working at height experts, dangerous environment specialists, conservation officers, wildlife managers, customer service professionals, auditors, accountants, engineers, marketing managers, hazardous material experts, biologists, I.T specialists, mums and dads.

We often speak to customers who are amazed at the variety of work we do, situations we find ourselves in and what is required to be an award-winning pest control service.

The days of throwing poison around are over (thankfully) and the age of integrated pest management that requires adaptable and skilled wildlife managers are in!

As pest controllers we are not only expected to treat the pest issue but liaise closely with our customers. We explain the pest’s biology, locate the ingress points, install management processes to prevent further issues and implement these physical controls.

As a professional pest control company, we recognise the importance of high-quality staff training and investing in the best materials and equipment. This enables AgriPest Management to offer a premium pest control service with customer satisfaction at the heart of our company.

Then there is the work that goes on behind the scenes as many nights and early mornings are spent writing reports, quotes, invoices, which ensures the customer is pest free and fully satisfied with our service.

We work incredibly hard as a team to ensure all our customers are pest free and happy. 100% goes into every job and this has gained us some of the best customers in Yorkshire!!

What makes a pest controller
What makes a pest controller