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Pest control within the commercial sector can be a delicate subject, and often at the back of management’s mind when running a business, but the consequences of pest related issues on site can have a negative effect on your business.

AgriPest Management have been implementing pest management processes on commercial properties in Harrogate, York and Wetherby for 8 years. From butchers & bakers through to warehouses and retail units, we cover it all.

Why have a commercial pest control contract?

Having a quality pest management process in place can benefit your business in several ways. Firstly, having control systems in place shows your customers that you take your business seriously. It will come as no surprise that rodents, birds and insects not only transmit harmful diseases but may also damage and contaminate stock.

Many industries will require pest control systems to be in place to meet audit requirements and specifications. It is important to shop around and choose the right pest management service for your business.

Once you have a pest issue on site, significant damage can be caused in a small amount of time. Not only to the building and your stock but to your businesses’ reputation. Therefore, AgriPest Management implement controls systems to minimise the risk of pest ingress.

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Commercial Pest Control in Yorkshire
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  • We supply our services to some of Yorkshire’s largest estate agents and have done for over 5 years.

  • AgriPest Management are not only award winners but 5 star rated by our customers on both Google and Yell.

  • We pride ourselves on been Yorkshire’s best, local, friendly, knowledgeable, and most effective pest controllers.

Who requires commercial pest control services?

AgriPest offer call outs, treatments, and contracts to all business:

  • Restaurants

  • Cafes

  • Pubs

  • Estate Agents

  • Storage & Warehouses

  • Offices

  • General commercial units

  • Farms

  • Equestrian units

  • Nurseries & growers

  • Estates

  • Hotels

  • Golf Courses

  • Retail Units

  • Industrial Units

  • Feed mills

  • Stately Homes

  • Forestry, agricultural & wetlands

  • Estate Agents

  • Fisheries

Why choose AgriPest Management

AgriPest have built a reputation on commitment, passion, honesty and affordability throughout the Harrogate, Wetherby and York districts.

As a family run, local pest control company, we pride ourselves on keeping Yorkshire pest free. Our hard work has recently paid off by becoming a two-time award winner within the pest control industry.

AgriPest offer a discreet service as we are aware people may presume by having pest controllers on site, you may have a problem.

Every AgriPest management contract receives a comprehensive paperwork folder that contains all the relevant risk assessments, method statements, plans, reports and product information that ensures compliance with external audits.

Integrated pest management and environmental management are key aspects to maintaining a pest free site. Over the years, AgriPest have developed techniques unique to our industry to keep pests away from your business. Often when you think of pest control you think of rodenticides, and although they have their place, AgriPest look at physical control techniques to keep pests out of unwanted areas:

  • Rabbit proof fencing

  • Rat proof fencing

  • Domestic & feral animal fencing

  • Pigeon netting and control techniques

  • Environmental management and waste removal

  • Building proofing

Commercial pest management York

What makes AgriPest different?

AgriPest originally began by controlling pest species in an agricultural setting, and it is wildly known that these are some of the most challenging areas to achieve effective control. Our success and experience to deal with large infestations gave us an excellent reputation, which saw the natural progression into both the commercial and domestic environments.

AgriPest are also full firearms and shotgun certificate holders. Control on certain commercial sites like golf courses, amenity land, country estates and agricultural land require the use of firearms to control certain species.

AgriPest are also one of a handful of pest control companies that can offer a professional fencing service. Rabbits and rats are two of the most common species that you can restrict access by using a physical fencing system.

Large scale riddance treatments are what AgriPest are best known for, and when pests have got out of control on a site, they can be often hard to eradicate. Our small team of specialists adopt professional techniques to gain control quickly and effectively.

Corporate responsibility and pest control

Corporate responsibility and pest control are a sentence you would never expect to see!

Pressure is building on businesses and commercial sites to “be more green” and AgriPest are paving the way in environmental awareness. Although pest control may be perceived as a “dirty industry” AgriPest are making the difference!

Creating habitat sites for struggling wildlife is a personal passion of ours. If you have wasted external space, why not turn it into somewhere beneficial to both wildlife and your businesses’ green credentials!?

AgriPest have recently created habitat zones and wildlife gardens for commercial businesses. Areas that otherwise would have been laid to waste have been converted into a low maintenance, low cost and wildlife rich areas.

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What to expect from AgriPest

On receiving your call, we promise to provide you with the best service. AgriPest provide all new customers with a free, no obligation quote within the York, Harrogate and Wetherby areas.

On arranging a convenient date and time to conduct an area inspection, we would assess your site for pest activity, areas at risk of pest ingress and possible building structure improvements. We would then provide a comprehensive quote, detailing our inspection findings, and provide a price to set these pest management systems in motion.

Call outs for pest control

AgriPest offer a 24/7 call out service, so if you have an emergency we are on hand.

Hopefully you will never need to use this service but it’s good to know that AgriPest offer a nation-wide emergency call out service. If you have a pigeon in production or a rat behind your roller shutter doors, call our out of hours service.